Read The Labels

This weekend while I watching the news, our local newscast had a health feature with a local Vancouver Doctor. The Doctor was quoting a recent study he found that suggested, people who read the labels on the food products they buy and pay attention to what they put in their body tend to be slimmer and healthier. He said we truly are what we eat. And when you think about it... what else can we be. The stuff we put in our body are the building blocks of our physical being.

So it got me thinking that the same is true of the stuff we put into our minds. Whatever you feed your mind, would then have to be the building block of your spiritual being, your self image, your conscious awareness of who you are (rather than what you are). So if physically you are what you eat, spiritually you must be what you think.

Many people actually label themselves and believe that is what they are. It's important then to read the label you have put on yourself if you want to be mentally and spiritually healthy. Some may label themselves as: not worthy, unhealthy, fat, ugly or stupid. There are some people that have labelled themselves all of these things. If you feed your mind this food for thought... and you are what think then ... well you are what you think. Others label themselves as Strong, independent, successful, attractive, influential, worthy, healthy, and smart. When you feed your mind this food for thought they become the building blocks for what you become.

Read the label y0u have put on yourself... decide if it's something you want to feed yourself. If it's not put that down pick up something that has a better label... better ingredients, healthier ingredients for your mind, spirit and soul. Build a new you with better ingredients. If the label you have put on yourself is something you want to feed off of... gather as much as you can and seek out other ingredients that you can use to build a better you.

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