Make It Till You Make It

We have all heard the old saying FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Well there is a new philosophy in town!

The OLD way meant you would live the life you wanted regardless of whether you could actually afford it. That can cause a whole lot of obvious financial problems. Many people have approached me about Multi-level marketing businesses and this seems to be a way of life for them. They get the fancy car and jewellery and make it appear as though they have gained untold riches from their MLM business and I could gain the same wealth. This can be, but is not always, smoke and mirrors. So I will keep all the Multi-level marketers happy, I will say some find huge success with their business and I congratulate them.

Make it till you make it is in my opinion a much better way of doing things! It has to do with two things, first what you CAN afford and second with visualization. First decide what it is that you want. Decide your goal and desire. Then make it... or at least make it as close as you can afford or as close as you are comfortable with until you have the real thing. If for some reason you cannot financial afford to have what your desire is RIGHT NOW make it as close as you can with what you can do. I will use one of my goals as an example... To have a place where I can sit under the palm trees and enjoy a sunset or sun rise. Enjoy a margarita and some laugh with friends. Well, although I know the Universe is conspiring to bring me all I want...I am not there yet. So I own some palm trees, not real palm trees but palm trees none the less. They are a constant reminder for me about my desire and the more I am reminded of my desire the more attention energy and focus I give. The more attention energy and focus I give it the sooner it will manifest.

In fact I have created my own little tropical oases in my backyard. I have Palm trees and a hammock, a hammock chair, Tiki torches, tiki statues, conch shells and even a small tiki type bar in my back yard. I have decided to make it until I make it.

The second part of Make it till you make it is visualization. If you can make it they way you want it to be in your mind then again you will give it the attention, energy and focus necessary to manifest you Ideal ... whatever. When I say make IT... IT is whatever you want . You must take time to visualize the way you want to make it. Visualize your ideal partner, relationship, car, experience, tropical oases ... whatever IT is. The more real you can make it the better... You will know when it is a perfect visualization... you will feel it. You feel yourself in possession of it... it's a glowing feeling that can come from you stomach. It's a feeling of achievement, success, happiness. Make it in your mind to make it in your life. Make it Ideal!!! You no longer have to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT... NOW MAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!

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