Shut Up!

I know the title of this blog entry may seem harsh but, there are so many people that still give so much attention to negative people places and events in their life that all they do it attract more of it and thus the wheel keeps spinning. Sometimes you just have to shut up.

I'm sure you know people that will have a really bad first date and then go on and on to you about what the person did or didn't do that they didn't like. The person never opened the car door, burped at the dinner table, only talked about themselves etc. I'm sure you know someone that has a bad day at work and starts telling you every detail that made the day terrible. Does this person only tell you? NO! They tell you then they phone up 10 more people and tell them how bad their date was. Then they go onto their blog and blog about it for 3 hours.

This is an important lesson because the more attention, energy and focus we give to these unpleasant situations the more we attract them. If you continue to talk about all the things that are not perfect about your world right now, you will continue to see more of those things arrive in your life. You must shut up about the bad stuff and spend time focusing on how you wish it would have gone and how you want it to be. The attention, energy and focus you can give to the way you want it to be will start to attract more of that. So stop talking about the bad, focus on the good and watch your life change,

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