Blindede By The Light

This morning I woke up a little later than normal by about 1/2 hour. My usual routine is get up, put the coffee on, brush my teeth, Grab a cup of coffee and sit out on the deck for a few quiet minutes (weather permitting). This is my time to reflect on what happened in the last 24 hours, what I am grateful for, what my goals and desires are etc. This morning The sun was rising and there was an amazing orange glow. I looked over to my left and I could still see one star in the sky. Just one, and it got me thinking.

There was only star visible from where I was seated, but I know all the other star are up there. I just can't see them because the largest star up there, had started to wash out there brightness. I couldn't see the stars because I was literally blinded by the light.

The same thing happens to your dreams and goals. This is a good thing. Just as the sun coming up and pushing the other stars light from my vision, it also provides the warmth and energy I need to proceed with my day. What happens to our dreams and goals is this, the biggest and brightest of the those goals will always come to the forefront and the other will fade. That does not mean that the others are gone. When the time is right they will reappear.

It's okay to focus on your one biggest dream or goal. That can be the one thing that lights up your world. The goal that you are most passionate about is the one that will dominate your world. Once your dream becomes your passion it's the only one you will see. It gives you warmth and energy. It starts to dominate your thoughts. And when that happens you are giving it all your attention, energy and focus. So don't worry about being blinded by the light or being so focused one dream the others fade. The others have not gone away they are just waiting there turn to shine.

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