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As we approach the Autumnal Equinox (Sept 22) I thought it would be a good time to talk about yet another of the Universal Laws. Interestingly it also happened to be the topic of discussion at a meetups group meeting I attended yesterday in Kelowna. The Universal Law of Perpetual Transformation. Simply stated the law suggests that everything in the Universe is in a constant state of change.

The things to know about the Universal Law of perpetual transformation is that change is natural and change is good. Change under "normal" circumstances happens at a relatively slow pace giving us a chance to change with it. Transformation follows a natural path. The seasons for example... winter, spring, summer and fall. The change happens on a fairly consistent basis and with relative ease.

Without change there would be very little success in the world. Most ideas that become successful certainly do not start out that way. They take time, there is an evolution to the idea before it come to fruition. If change were not part of the natural process, the idea would be ...just an idea forever. Because the Universal Law of Transformation in a natural Law, to resist change interferes with the natural flow and causes changes to unfold unnaturally and with that it does not happen with ease. This can slow the process or even kill it off. There is a perfect time and reason for everything.

Also it`s important to note that there will always be signs provided to you when it is time to change. To have to be open to receiving them. This is where awareness comes in. You must be aware of the things that happening around and to you, that may be inching towards making a change. If the situation you are in is not ideal and does not feel good, that may be a sign that something has change. To resist results in discomfort or dis-ease in life... and you can feel that... it is a physical reaction to the situation. To not investigate what changes have to be made, will result in more and more discomfort until eventual the universal law will take whatever means necessary to make you change. That can result in stress leave or even a nervous breakdown or worse. These are signs that Universe is telling you something must change and you have resisted long enough. Remember the Universe is constant conspiring to do you good. If you ignore what it is telling you... well... the Universe will not be ignored.

If you have trouble Understanding that change is a natural part of life and maybe think that nothing has changed in your life... go look at some old photographs of yourself. You will notice that many things have changed over the years and most of them for the better. Celebrate the fact that, where you are now, what you are seeing, what you are doing is going to change, embrace it and look forward to what is coming... it`s for your own good.

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