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I stopped into Costco wholesale yesterday and although I have notice these things previously, yesterday they jumped out at me and of course I learned something from them So I thought I'd share with you.

I'm sure you have noticed that Costco does not have an express checkout. You know 15 items of less. I'm sure many people have asked why they don't and suggested to staff and Managers that they put one in. I believe the reason behind this is they don't want people coming in buying less than 15 items so they don't cater to that crowd. It doesn't seem to stop people from shopping there either. The other thing I noticed is they do not thave hose hand baskets you can carry around the store, you have to take one of those big shopping carts or a trolly cart, that's as big as a flat bed truck. I'm sure the powers that be have done this for a particular reason too.

You see the lesson here is you can train people to act in a particular way. People will still go to Costco even to get just 1 item, knowing they will have to wait in the long line behind someone with 50, 60 or 100 items... and they rarely complain. We have been trained to accept this as part of the shopping experience there. The other lesson is kinda like that whole "build it and they will come" thing. You cannot get a hand basket because I believe Costco execs know that if you take a large shopping cart you are more likely to fill it and the more you buy the bigger thhe bonus for them. A small basket may not have the room to fit everything you want and an empty shopping cart needs to be filled and has lots of room for all that you want.

So how can you use those lessons in your own life? Firstly understand that you can train people to act in a certain way, to act in a certain way towards you. The way to do this is to not offer an option. Costco does not offer and express checkout option and you don't expect one when you get there. If you do not offer an option to people to treat you in any way other you want to be treated, they will learn how to treat you.

The other and for me more exciting lesson is the with the shopping cart. If you make room in your life for all that you want the void will be filled. It does not matter how much room you make, it will filled. So if you offer up a small hand basket and ask the Universe to fill it up with all you want... it will happen. If you offer up a big shopping cart or Flatbed, that will be filled up as well. It may take longer but it happens. Your life was meant to be abundant, so start making the room for all you want.

I can use a small example of how to do this... Let's say you're in business and want a new client. Create a file folder for that new client and name it "new Client" or give iot the name of the client you want. This will creat a vioid that the Universe will need to fill. If you have something in your life that is not ideal and you want a new one, say something small like an old TV, get rid of the one you have and a void will be created, the void will be filled.. You have to make room for all that you want in your life. So grab a big empty shopping cart and get shopping.

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