Attention Attention!!

One more of the Universal Laws I think is very powerful and easy to prove is the Law of Attention. Simply stated the Law of Attention says..What ever you give your attention to expands to become your reality. Whatever you give your attention to now to will become your present experience. Over time the things that you give attention to will become your circumstances and the conditions of your life.

The way to use this Law deliberately is to start giving your attention to the things you want, the way you want things to be and the good things that are already in your life. Knowing that what you give your attention to expands, if you are giving attention to the good things in your life now, those will expand and become an even bigger part of your life. Not only that but you will start to attract more good things, which will expand. It compounds.

As you use this Law deliberately,. eventually it will not require conscious effort, it will just come naturally and will require no effort on your part. Good things in your life will grow and actually get your attention through their growth. Yesterday I wrote about NOW having all the power. As all the Universal Laws work together, they way NOW works with the Law of Attention is... it does not matter what you gave your attention to yesterday, last week or last month. If you have been giving attention to negative energy in the past, that is the past. It only matters what you are giving attention to NOW. So the moment you start giving attention to the good in your life it starts to expand.

If conditions in your world are not what you want them to be, don't give attention to the current conditions, give attention to your ideal conditions, see them clearly, in great detail. Giving attention to the problem makes the problem grow, giving attention to the solution make the solution grow. The solution is seeing it the way you want it to be. Give attention to the way you want you life to be for a few minutes a day.. practice it for 1 week and soon you will start to evidence that the attention your giving is paying off.

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