What Now?

As mentioned I will be writing about a couple of other Universal Laws over the next couple of days. As it was brought to my attention that some people are familiar with only 1 or 2 of them.

The Universal law of "Now" "The Present" "The Present Moment", whatever it is being called or whatever feels right for you is most powerful when understood and is also the most honest. The honest statement is that now doesn't lie... you are where you are with whom you're with doing what you're doing right now. You can do to go back in time and change what has already happened. You may be able to change the final outcome of a particular event or activity that started in the past, but once it has started you cannot change what has happened from the beginning til now. And if you were to start to change the final outcome you have to start now... not in the past. (Unless you are Marty McFly). You have no Power in what has already happened, the point of power is in the present.

The same is true of the future. You have no control in the future either as you are not there yet, to even know what may result. You can not have power in something that may or may not happen... but hasn't yet. Whatever is going to happen in the future is a result of whatever it is you do Now. You can not do something tomorrow from where you sit today. You simple can not do something tomorrow NOW... in the same way you cannot do something yesterday. You may have done something yesterday but cannot do something yesterday, today. You may plan to do something tomorrow and even take steps now to make sure your tomorrow is what you expect it to be, but the result will come from the action taken now.

That is great news! The only time you have absolute power is is NOW.... Just by reading this you're affecting your now and in fact the now of everyone around you. Take a moment right NOW to just look around you at what is happening NOW. It's OK , I'll wait... I'll be here when you are done. Just 30 seconds.

(whistling, whistling)

Welcome back, pretty amazing isn't it. You created all of this and you continue to create. You could be anywhere, with anyone, but right now you are creating the conditions to allow you to do this. You are awesome. How powerful is that? How powerful are you?

So...What NOW? Start creating whatever you want to happen tomorrow, now... Because as you know, tomorrow never comes and yesterday is always gone.

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