Do It With Purpose

Again I will mention this weeks Meetup group that I attended on Wednesday. The group gathers to talk about the Universal Law of Attraction and how it has affected their lives and the lives of those around. Sharing evidence is a huge vibration booster. At the group I mentioned a project I am working to write about the Universal Laws and how people can use them more deliberately. After I mentioned 1 of the participants said "Universal Laws?" Questioning me about the What other laws there are other than the Law of Attraction. So I will share some here over the next few days.

First it's important to note that there are more than 40 Universal Laws, the good part is most of them happen automatically like your heart beating or breathing. You do not have to give them as much attention as others that need to be used deliberately. I have written about several of them in previous blog entries, but will focus more on some now.

The Universal Law of Purpose is defined as, everything has a purpose or several. All life and matter have a purpose. For us (People) the purpose is whatever you decide at this moment. You have the power and the privelege to choose what your purpose is. This not something that is predetermined for you. That is a great responsibility. Many people wish it were that easy... "if someone would just tell me why I am here, I could start to pursue it". The great thing is your purpose is whatever you want it to be now. It may change as you gain more knowledge, or as you see your purpose is fulfilled. That is awesome. Then you can move onto your next purpose, whatever you decide that is.

Once you have decided what your purpose is ...hold it close, leave reminders to yourself what it is, act a little (or a lot) on it each day. Keep it in your thoughts and actions, every spare moment you have work towards achieving your purpose. It is understood that there are things that you have to do to maintain your livelihood, but there is always a few spare moments for focus on the purpose you have chosen. The Universal Law of purpose, like all Universal Laws works with and for you. The more time you can devote to your purpose in thought and action, the stronger the response from the universe to help you achieve. Decide and Do it on Purpose.


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Thanks Kenn

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