Breaking Bad!

Last night I went to my local meetup group and again the topic came up about why bad things happen. The answer is always a touchy one to answer because nobody wants bad things to happen and some things that happen seem so bad they they defy an explanation. However I will try.

My first question to people when they ask me this is.. "define bad?" Almost every time I get an example of bad but I don't get a definition. People will say, a horrific fatal car crash, a devastating forest fire, death, etc. While in my world and most others these are definitely "Bad" things, they do not define the word "Bad". Yes it is tough to do without giving example but my definition of bad is simple... Not Good. BTW defining good is the same... Good = not bad

I have written previously about no gray area and there is really no gray area here. You either perceive things as good or bad. Yes, there are varying degrees of what is good and what is bad. A cold sore is a bad, leprosy is really bad. Winning 5 dollars on a scratch ticket is good, winning the million dollar jackpot is really good.

So with that in mind we have to realize that in fact one defines the other. Good defines bad and bad defines good. You cannot have one without the other. So if you ask, why bad things happen you must also ask, why good things happen. We measure the degree of ``Badness`` to to our expectation of what would be good in comparison.

``....for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so`` Shakespeare

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