Never Let The Dust Settle

Over the past couple of months I have written a lot about Journals. Gratitude Journals and Evidence Journals. You can combine them and just have one, what's important is that you start. If you want, have half a page a day for what you are grateful for and the other have for evidence that is showing up in your life that you are getting closer to your goal or dream.

It's all well and good to have your journals or journal, but you also have to review them. If there comes a time when things do not appear to be going your way, that is the time to pull out your journal and review. If you have had a bad day and think life sucks, that is the time to review your journal. If you think you have nothing to be grateful for, that is the time to pull out your journal.

Believe me there are times when life does not seem to be cooperating with you and your goals. But also believe me... that it is. You may not be giving your goals all the attention energy and focus that is required, but the Universe is responding to whatever you are thinking about.

It would be an interesting experiment to pick a day several weeks ago ... review your evidence journal from that day and look at what was going in your life that day. See if your energy was diverted by something else, some other event in your life and if less evidence showed up because you were diverted from your goal. If I were a bettin man I would bet it is true.

Something always shows up to get you closer to what you are giving your attention to, when it appears as though nothing is it`s the time to review. Reviewing your evidence journal will not only get you back on track but reviewing your gratitude journal will lift your vibration to a high point that you only attract good things to yourself. Remember the higher your positive vibration the more of that same vibration you attract.

Never let the dust settle on your journal.

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