Do You Know Who I Am?

The other day I was reminded of a humorous story that got me thinking. You may have heard this but I'm going to share it with you.

It's about a man who believes himself to be very important in society and is about to take a trip on an airplane. As he stands in the line waiting to buy his ticket and check his luggage he gets increasing frustrated with how long it is taking. When he finally gets up to the wicket, he is informed the flight he wants is sold out. Now the man is very upset and start yelling and screaming... berating the attendant at the check in, telling her she has to get him on that plane he has a very important meeting to get to. He asks the attendant "Do you know who I am?" to which the attendant answers no and without missing a beat, picks up the Public address microphone and sends out a page, telling the airport that she has man at her wicket that apparently doesn't know who he is and asks if anyone knows him.

My point to sharing this story is, do you know who are?... or better yet do you know who you could be? You could be the person that inspires a generation to achieve more. You could be the person who finds the cure to depression. You could be the person that gives hope to just one person where before there was none. You could be anything you want. Keep in mind that as much as you are... there is so much more you can be.

So what do you want? You can continue on the path you are... and that maybe it's the one you want, if so congratulations I applaud you. If it is not, it's time to focus on the person you want to be. I encourage you to challenge yourself... I encourage you dig deep and dream big. If you could be anything, anyone, what would it be? You already have all the knowledge you need to acquire all the knowledge you need.

Go for it... not once, but again and again and again.

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