Feed a Seagull

I have written a lot about focus... getting focused on what it is you really want. The Law of Attraction ad Universal Laws have the ability to manifest whatever you want . Through you, and your thoughts you will get what you think about. So one of my clients the other day asked me how well defined their desires and goals have to be. VERY!

What i mean by that is you cannot just through out a thought like "I want a nicer car" or "I want a better job" or "I want to meet the right person" Your goals and desires have to have substance. You have to be specific. What is the job that would excite you to get out of bed... what city is it in, who do you work with, Do you work from home or have a long commute. Remember what ever you give your attention, energy and focus to with a positive vibe and believe you can have it will manifest.

If you do not get specific about what you want you can waste a lot time investigating a lot of things that not ideal. You can look at every car on the market and see if they are nicer than yours but if you know you want a green car why would you look at anything else. They are all out there ready for you to look at, but you will waste a lot of time if you don't define what you want. The Universe will bring a lot people into your life for you to check out and see if they are perfect, or you can define what perfect is for you and they Universe can start to bring only those people to you. That can save you a lot of time getting you to your desire a lot faster and you will be free to focus on other aspects of your life to make it ideal for you.

Through out a very vague, non specific request for an Ideal "Whatever"... is like trying to feed just one seagull. The second you toss out the food... all sorts of seagulls come flying over for out of no where... and all you wanted was that one.

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