Blocking the Sun

Last week I wrote about a Summer backyard game I like to play called Cornhole. The game is basically beanbag toss. The target is a 2 foot by four foot platform with a 4 inch hole cut out.

Anyway.. I wrote about aiming for the target and if you miss you need to make adjustments in your throw... to the left or too the right to try to hit your target.

Overthe past couple of weeks the cornhole game has been sitting out in my yard, set up and ready to play. Yesterday I picked it up and put it away as a lot of rain was expected in the area. When I moved it I noticed that underneath the platform... the grass had began to die. The problem is the grass wasn't getting sun shine, it was getting any nutrients from the sun... any of the warmth, it wasn't being fed. Now I have a dead spot in my yard. This can also happen with our goals and dreams.

If we cover them up and don't allow them the fuel they need to continue to grow. If we put the on the "back burner" or let other things take up our time and energy, they can start to die. If we continue to leave them in the dark and not show then the light of day they die off completely. When this happens it can take more time to bring it back to life. It's possible to have it return, but swift action must be taken. You have to remove whatever is blocking the sun, whatever is stopping your dreams and goals from growing. Give it some nourishment.

The good news is, this so easy... as easy as moving the game to another part of the yard. Just take 1 minute and think about your goals in a positive way. As have said before... 1 minute of positive energy and attention towards your goal or desire is better than no minutes. So take a minute here and minute there to focus on your goal. That's all it takes. Keep moving your goal to forefront of your thoughts and it will not die off.

I hope you never have a dead spot.

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