Go Fish! Got What I Wanted!!

Remember when you were a child and played a card game called "Go Fish"? The game was easy, each person would get a certain amount of cards and the object was to get as many "Books" or Sets" of 4 as possible. The person with the most when all the cards are gone wins. A Book would be all four 5's or all four queens etc. You could ask your opponent if they had any of the cards you wanted and if they did they would have to give it to you. The thing you had to remember (at least at my house) was that they didn't have to give you all of what they had, just one if you only asked once. So if you had 1 of the 5 cards in your hand you could ask if your opponent had any 5's. If they did, they have to give it to you... if they had two fives and you failed to ask a second time they would not have to give it to you. When it was their turn, because they still had a 5 in their hand they could ask you for yours..they would usually ask for more than one and you would wind up losing all your fives.

Any way the reason I thought of this today was a lesson I learned on August 31st. I had a goal to triple the number of hits I was getting to this blog. I wanted to hit that target within 2 months. I started blogging regularly on July 5th, so gave myself to end of August with a blog post everyday (Except weekends). The goal was to triple the number of June hits to the blog.

Well.... you will be happy to know, I did it. I just inched over the number of hits I needed to triple the numbers. I went fishing and got what I wanted. But was it really what I wanted? I just made it as of 10pm August 31st. Was my goal too limited... did I put out to the Universe to triple my hits and that's what I got. What if I had put out to the Universe to get 5 or 10 times the hits?. Did my limited goal , limit my numbers? Of course it did. Am I disappointed... NO! I got exactly what I asked for (And I thank you all for checking out my blog everyday) Am I grateful ....YES! Am I excited about what else I can attract... bigger better numbers YES YES!!!!

I just started thinking what else could have been possible... what else is still possible. What If everyone of the people who read my blog forwarded the link to just two friends they think might find it interesting. Could I triple my visitors again... Maybe get 5 0r 10 times the visitors. I am not going to limit my goals any more. I am going to think big.... I am going to ask for what I want.

In the game go fish if you don't ask for everything you want you could lose out. I am not going to limit my requests and I encourage you to do the same. Figure out what you want... is it a bigger house.... Think bigger than that... it takes no more energy to think of a castle than a bungalow. Go big and Go home... to your castle.

I will ask that all of you please forward this to everyone you know who may find it interesting or may need a little good thought about what is possible if we only believe and ask. By everyone I mean everyone.... no limits. Then ask for what YOU what... everything you want! Don't leave a card left unturned. Yeah! That's it GO FISH!!!!

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