Dream in a Dream

I had a terrible sleep last night. I could not get my brain to shut off. My wife calls it brain chatter. And it really is brain chatter but I prefer to think of as the ultimate connection to the Universe. You know, like a portal that I get a chance to see a million ideas, concepts, dreams and goals, And also get to see the solutions to many of my goals, dreams and desire. It doesn't open very often and few times does it open as wide as it did for me last night. The ideas wouldn't stop.

In the motivational speaking and coaching business we talk a lot about achieving your dreams... your dream life, your dream house, your dream vacation. We all have them, and sometimes your dreams really are dreams. You wake up for a good or not so good night sleep and ideas have been flowing to you all night. You have a dream about a far away place... or you have a dream about the ideal house. I`m not sure why we have dreams at night or even during the day but I have an idea it is the universe talking to us telling us that what we want is out there. Sharing with us, through it`s infinite wisdom, how to achieve all that we want. Snippets of how things can unfold and manifest. This is when a pen and paper beside the bed is handy so you can write down what came to you as you were sleeping and review it in the morning.

After a night like that... it is then up to you to act on whatever message you got from the dream. We have all heard someone of success say ``it came to me in a dream``. Action is the next step once you have received the message(s). Please pay attention to your dreams and the messages they carry. They can guide to the success you dream of.

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