Do You Know This Person

I was having a conversation the other day with some friends that were about to list their house for sale. They have lived in it for several years and wanted to make some changes when they moved in but never got around to it. Recently they started making the changes. They Landscaped the backyard, painted the exterior and much of the interior. New flooring and even added a new large deck. They had just made the house everything they wanted and now they thought it looks so good we should sell.

I have a Buddy that has driven around in a vehicle that is a complete mess for a long time. A real pig pen.... I mean there are food containers and clothes everywhere... books and magazines, shoes and sporting equipment pack the back seat. There is in fact a bit of an odour when you get in, cracked wind shield and a broken taillight. The exterior has not been washed in at least 8 months... it's simply a mess. He decided it was time to sell it and get something new. So he went to work cleaning it out. 4 bags of garbage and 2 bags of clothes he decide to donate to charity. Fixed the taillight, shampooed the carpets, gave it a real detailing. Even had the windshield replaced. The car actually looked real good nice, so much so he decided not to sell it.

My question is why do people wait to have everything they want. My friends lived in the home that was not ideal for them and only at the end did they make the changes to make it ideal. They could have had the ideal for years if they would have only made a few simply changes. They could have really enjoyed the home if they had made the changes earlier.

Same thing with my buddy and his car. He drove around in a vehicle that did not make him happy. So much so he was going to get rid of it. Once he took the time to clean out some of the crap he discovered he had a car he really enjoyed.

Do you know someone like this (Not you but someone you know)... someone living a life that is not ideal and perhaps a few simple changes or cleaning out some of the crap could make it ideal.

Why do we wait to build the life we want, home we want, relationship we want? If not now, when ... if not you, who?

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