Good News

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, Universal Laws and life in general... there are almost always only two choices. Yes or no, up or down, forward or backwards. The Law of Polarity explains this perfectly.... north pole, south pole... high tide, low tide. The evidence of the validity of this statement is everywhere. There is no middle pole.

That;s good news because it really makes life pretty simple.. either you are going to feel good or you are going to feel bad. Either you are going to participate or your not. The reasons are not is not what we need to focus... If someone asks you to do something and it doesn't feel good, if you decide not to ... that is all that matters. I've said it before " If it feels good it is,, if it doesn't it's not." I really like the simplicity of it all.

So when it comes to the Law of Attraction there are only two vibes that you can send out... positive or negative and each will attract it's corresponding result. It all has to do with the words that create your thoughts. Words like ... Love, hope, gratitude, passion happiness and peace give off a positive vibration and will get positive results. The Universal Laws are always checking in to see what it is you are vibrating and they will match that vibe with the results.

Write a list of words that have a positive vibe for you... just writing the list will change what it is you are vibrating.. referring to it often will reset your vibe when you need to.

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