Better Late Than Never

Under normal circumstances my blog is written in the morning... before 7am. Because I write about things that happen to me and how they teach me lessons and keep me aware of how Universal laws affect our lives and I like to keep it real. Yesterday however was relatively uneventful... I'm am not really sure what lesson I learned, although I know it will come to me because I learn new things everyday, new way to apply Universal laws and how to speed up manifestation and how to be grateful..

So today's blog comes to you later than normal because the lesson came to me later than normal. The lesson for me is Better late than never.

When it comes to Universal laws... it's better the lessons come to you later than never at all.... for some of you who read me blog... NOW IS LATER.

I have said before that one minute of positive attention, energy and focus towards your desire or goal is better than no minutes. Well that is true, sometimes you get so busy that you forget to give attention, energy and focus to your desires. Well do it now.... better late then never. There is no time limit on desires, they will come to you when you are ready.

There is no set formula on when you should give them your energy, send out the vibration... other than the more energy you give the faster it will manifest. But your job is not to figure it out. You do not need to know why you got busy you couldn't give the attention you thought you should. remember there is a reason for everything. So if something diverted your attention it may have been a piece that needed to be in place before the true desire could be realized. Maybe you needed to meet and get to know a particular individual or computer program, or a different route through town.

Whatever happens Giving attention energy and focus to your desires and goal is better late than never.

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