Swimsuits Optional


think this sign is awesome!!! Not because it suggests that I am about to see a bunch of naked people, but because it reminds us we have options. The sign does not read nakedness mandatory. It says Swimsuits Optional.

Knowing that we have options is Awesome! How this applies to the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws is this, you have the option to reveal as much about yourself to whoever you want whenever you want. You can total expose everything or keep everything to yourself. I am not talking about walking into a room naked, I am talking about sharing your dreams, desires and goals with the people around.

Sharing your goals is a great way to keep you on track and accountable. Telling people, you want to have a book published by next year or that you want to make 500-thousand dollars in passive income in 6 months is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Now, you have to share these details with people that you see on a regular basis that will hold you accountable. Telling someone you only talk to once a year is not going to give you the kick in the pants (If you are wearing any) that you need to get motivated to write your book or start an income stream.

Tell the people closest to you, the ones who care the most about you, the ones you know have your best interest at heart ... the ones that really want you to succeed. If you talk to someone everyday or every couple of days tell them what your goals are. Not only will they encourage you to get it done, but they will likely have some helpful information or connections that they can pass on. As you know the more attention, energy and focus you give your goals and desires the more quickly they will manifest. Having a friend or friends remind you about your goals will ultimately lead to more attention paid to them. Covering up your dreams limits your motivation and limits the time and energy you're likely to give it.

I suggest "Let it all hangout"

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