212 Degrees

Sometimes things take just a little more effort, just a little more thought, a little more positive energy, before they manifest.

There is nothing more sad for me than when I see someone put in a whole lot of time, effort, energy into achieving a goal and quiting just before it is realized. We never really know who close we are to having all that we want manifest for us. I remember reading a story, I believe it was Napoleon Hill, in which a man purchased a large plot of land hoping to find his fortune in gold. He would dig and dig and found gold, but never found what he thought would be his massive fortune. After a while he grew more frustrated that the big deposit was not there. He sold the land for a fraction of what he paid and the new owner decided to dig a little further. After just a a few weeks and very few feet deeper the new owner hit one of the biggest gold deposits ever seen at the time. The lesson there is sometimes we have to dig a little deeper.

When you really start to understand the power you have to create your world, to have more of what you want you will know that the effort you have put in will pay off. Giving upm, never helped anyone to the desires or goals. You are so close now it's just going to take a little more effort a little more energy. Once you have given positive attention, energy and focus to your goal or desire the wheels are set into motion. You must believe or have faith that things start working in your favor right away.

What I have done to remind myself that sometimes it just takes a little more energy to get the results I want is to simply print off the number "212" and have posted on my desk where I can see it everyday. You see the temperature water boils at is 212 degrees not 211 degrees... it takes very little energy to go from 211 degree to 212 degrees. That little extra energy always gets the result. So heat things up, never give up... dig a little deeper and succeed.

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