Make an Ask of Yourself

What if it's true. what if the World, the Universe was set up so that if everything you wanted, everyone you wanted to meet , every place you wanted to visit was possible if you only asked.

I have heard that the fear of success paralyzes some people to point where they cannot act on what they know they should do to get what they want. If you ask for something that in some way, shape or form scares you... then it likely will not manifest because there is a negative vibe around. If in receiving it you would be uncomfortable in knowing the true power you possess to create and manifest your desire, that would be another negative vibe.

What if all you had to do is ask?

It is true... and the most important person you have to ask is yourself. Ask yourself "What do I want?" and be honest with yourself. The question is not.. What do I desreve? the question is not.. What can I expect? the question is not .. What am I capable of? The question is not.... How can I do this?

The question is ... WHAT DO I WANT?

When you really get that figured out, you will be surprised at how quickly things start to happen. You will be surprised at they people that arrive in your life to help you get what you want. You will be surprised at the information that just seems to flow in your direction. These are not coincidences. You have this incredible power, the power to change your world. Just ask.

When you figure out what you want and have removed any fear about your success in achieving it and are passionate about getting it... the Universe will move mountains to get you there. When you are truely passionate about it, it can be all you talk about to your friends and family, to your co-workers and associates, to your team mates and coaches. That is when things start to happen andn events manifest to get you what you want. ASK!

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