No Choice Left

Life can be pretty easy when you don't have a choice. If every car on the road were green and that's all you could purchase was a green car, the decision would be easy. There would not be much fun or diversity but it would be easy. That's one way of looking at it. But there is another way.

The Law of Attraction states " you attract into your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether good for you or not, whether you want it or not." Whatever you give your attention energy and focus to!!!! So it's easy to figure out what your giving your attention energy and focus by simply looking at what is arriving in your life. There is never a thought that the universe will run out of something, water, people or ice cream. That is because we all want different things and experiences.

We do have choices, infinite choices but why are we choosing? If there is so much of everything and we can manifest into our lives whatever we want... why choose? If someone offers you 3 different flavors of ice cream , simply say yes please. Why choose only one. As you are responsible for your own happiness, if 3 different flavors will make you happy go for it. Remember if it feels good it is if it doesn't it's not. The only other thing to consider is does it hurt anyone else, if not go for it. Other than that I think we can be free to not choose. We can have it all. Say yes.

The only limits maybe your bank account. If you want a vacation and can't decide whether Cuba or Jamaica.. do both... a week at each. You can have it all. There is some faith that can help with all this, Faith that if you want the money to afford such things it will manifest if you decide that you want it, give it attention energy and focus and believe or have faith that it will happen. . If you want a new car and can't decide between white or blue... the salesperson will not say no if say you want both. This may be impractical as you can only drive one at a time but that doesn't make it impossible.

I encourage you to, as much as possible, stop choosing.. say yes to it all.

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