Peas and Carrots

Yesterday the movie Forest Gump was on TV... I did not get a chance to watch much of it but it is one of my favorite movies. There are so many good quotes and I do enjoy a good quote. One in particular is when he says " Jenny and me is just like peas and Carrots". I often refer to my wife and myself that way in my best Forest Gump voice.

The part of the movie I was able to see is , for me, one of the saddest but also one of the most thought provoking and inspirational. It's right near the end of the movie, when Forest goes to visit Jenny's grave and is chatting with her about how well their son is doing and how proud she would be. Forest just talks so simply and honestly about how he feels...It's quite emotional.

The inspiration for me comes from the fact that they seem so young when she was taken and still had so much to do together, they could've had so many more wonderful memories. I refer that to my own life and think, am I going to wait until it's too late to share my dreams with the one I want. Is something going to happen in the future that would rob me of what I want and who I want to share it with. Is there something I should be doing now to achieve just one more desire, create one more memory, scratch one more thing off my (Our) bucket list. Yes! Yes! Yes! That scene motivates me to do all I can to make sure that if such a tragedy were to happen that I could take some comfort in knowing WE LIVED, I mean really LIVED!!!

When is now the right time to act... to start achieving, to figure out what you want, give it attention energy and focus, ASK and Believe. Now is the right time to ask.

It does not matter what it is, if you want a great vacation... go get travel brochures, if you want a house or new house, go get the real estate news... if you wanna go see a particular show or band or event... do the Internet search. If you want your own business start asking around. When you know that it is all possible, you can achieve.

If I could give you one assignment today, it would be to ask 5 people 1 question each about your desire. If you wanna take a vacation to a specific spot, ask people if they have been or if they know anyone with a place in that area. If you want to own your own business and you know a business that fits... ask the owner if it's for sale. I promise you will be surprised how close you are to it.

Eventually we will all be voted off this island... many people have more regret for the things they didn't do... than for the things they did.

The truth is... you and your desires are like peas and carrots... meant to be together.

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