The Positive of Negative

During my seminars or while I am coaching I tell people that staying positive is a big part of using Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction. That is very true because the Law of Attraction matches what ever vibration you are sending out, whether negative or positive, whether good forn you or not , whether you want it or not.

I give lots of tips and tricks on how to stay positive, keep a positive vibe. Things like, Change your PC sword to something that makes you feels good, Use an inspiring picture as your desktop on your computer. Keep positive words all around you. Those are great tips but the truth is sometimes, everyonce in a while negative stuff enters your life and can make you feel... negative. How can you stay positive while in a negative situation or circumstance. One way is to avoid it if you can and that works many times for me. If there is someone in my life that is negative I tend to avoid them. I go the other way to avoid their office, cubicle or whatever area they are occupying. After all I'm a positive person and although I could help them through their negative-ness... I really won't have much affect until they're ready to hear it. It may seem selfish, but selfish is self care. I have to protect my vibe.

I also avoid the news as much as I can, I know I need to be informed but don't need to be overwhelmed with all the war and death and destruction. Usually the last story in a news cast if fun and light.. I watch that. I don't listen to music I don't like or that doesn't make me feel good. I avoid clothes that don't fit well or have skulls and crossbones or nasty sayings on them. I have come to a point where I don't give these a lot of thought any more, It's just a part of the way I live my life. I must avoid the negative in order to make room for the positive. By keeping the positive around me I make very little room for the negative.

There is a fine line however, You have to briefly identify what things are negative for you, so you can define what things are positive. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs that is the law of polarity. You can't have a north without a south, east without west, top without a bottom, good without bad, positive without negative etc. It's necassary to know what makes a negative feeling for you or else you cannot define what makes you feel positive. Observe the negative briefly and move onto the positive. There is positive in negative if you learn from it.

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