Casa De Capullo
Sometimes the best way to get a clear focus on your goals & dreams, on your ideal life… is to step away from the day to day tasks that keep you from them.  
Casa de Capullo... Translates to The House of the Cocoon. Once you enter... the Metamorphosis begins. Chelem Mx is in the one the single most spiritual & sacred placed on the planet. With Pink water salt flats for cleansing & healing, Soft sand beaches for meditation & reflection, Ancient Mayan pyramids for eliminated negative thought & Sacred cenotes (natural, freshwater pools) to purify & stimulate. Also nearby is the site of the Chixculub Crater... now known as the spot 65 million years ago, the asteroid hit the planet & killed off most life including the dinosaur... a definite place for a new beginning!!!
Combined with the secrets of Universal Laws to help you understand the world's ways & use the energies of the Universe to attain your own personal greatness & dreams.
Casa de Capullo is your cocoon for change & growth.
Discover what is holding you back… finally, understand the Universal & Natural Laws around you & how to use them deliberately to attract more of what you want & less of what you don’t. 
HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE AND HAPPINESS… Universal Laws play a part in all we do.
The retreat is located in Chelem Beach Mx.  You will also have the chance to spend up to 6 hours over two days with Certified Life Coach / Motivational Facilitator & Energy Coach Kenn Dixon.
Understand how to:
  • Know what it is that you want in a clearly defined way
  • Protect your own vibe from negative influences.  
  • Build clearly defined desire statements.  
  • Learn how to build a vision board or a vision box.  
  • Discover the power of “Mind Movies”
  • Remove Doubt
  • Achieve more
Kenn will also share with you many more tips & tricks to getting the focus you need.
Kenn will work together with you to build your positive belief in yourself,  in your abilities & the real energy you have to build the ideal life you want, the ideal life. There will also be time to spend on your own and take in many of the amazing sights of beautiful Chelem Beach Mx.  Hit the beach,  visit the authentic Mexican Mercado or the Historic Capital City of Merida, visit the pink water salt flats & the Mayan Ruins & the sacred cenote.  Just sit & enjoy the tranquility of the pool or lay in the hammock & dream big dreams.  Spend 3 days & 3 nights in a private suite at Casa de Capullo & get up to 6 hours of Coaching.
The suite includes a queen-size bed… TV, free wifi, private 3 pc bathroom with shower, compact kitchen microwave, coffee pot, and more.  
One on One Just 1899.00
Couples Just 3499.00