Natural Laws

Simply stated the Law of Attraction is Universal Energy that surrounds you... it is a Natural Law. It means that you attract to yourself, your life and your business whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive. It is all about feelings or in other words the vibration you emit whether it be positive or negative.


Everyone has experienced coincidences or serendipity and many believe that they are just that. These two are also evidence of the Law of Attraction.  So what if you could conscientiously make coincidence occur? YOU CAN!!


Have you ever been around someone that makes you feel good? or bad? Have you ever said something like, “This neighborhood gives me a bad vibe” or “I get a good feeling from that person,” etc?

That is the Law of Attraction at work, it is a Natural Law.  Just as you can pick up on the vibrations or energies from people or places around you, so too can Natural Laws pick up on your vibrations or energy, whether they are negative or positive.

This is something we are all familiar with. You are thinking about a song and turn on the radio and there it is. You think about someone or pick up a business card and that person calls you on the phone or you run into them. Simple enough. Once you learn how to deliberately use the Law of Attraction, you can deliberately attract more of what you do want (more positive coincidence) and less of what you don’t (negative influence).
 Applying the Laws

Getting more of what you want is simple. It starts with your words. All you have to do is eliminate three words from your everyday vocabulary. These three words, when used, cause distraction and take your focus away from your goal.  In other words, from what you want… to what you don’t.

It has been said that on average, these three words are used more than 150 times each day in normal conversation and thought before noon. Imagine what you could do if you learned to eliminate these words and begin focusing on what you want.