1. Is the Law of Attraction the same as “The Secret”?


Yes and No.  The Secret refers to The Law of Attraction and is a great book and movie.  It really brought Worldwide attention to The Law of Attraction.  But in my opinion, The Secret does not go far enough.  It tells you what it is and even hints at how to use it… The Law of Attraction is easy to use and understand and I can share with you the three easy steps to DELIBERATELY use the Law of Attraction.


2. So, I just have to think about something and it will manifest?


Sort of!  The definition of the Law of Attraction is… I attract to my life, my work, my world, whatever I give my attention energy and focus to… whether good for me or not.  You do attract the things you think about and believe in, but there is a 3 step process to attract deliberately.


3. Who can use the Law?


Everyone everywhere can use the Law of Attraction.  No single person has more ability to use the Law than any other.  In fact, you are using the Law of Attraction right now.  You attracted this page.


4. Why do bad things happen?


I don’t think there is an answer I can give that will satisfy you or me as to why tragedy strikes, however….I can share with you that the Law of Attraction is not the only Universal Law.  There is also the Law of Polarity and many others.  The Law of Polarity states basically… You cannot have a top without a bottom, a front without a back, a left without a right nor good without bad. The Law of Attraction, however, is one of the most powerful when used deliberately.


5. What can I manifest?


Anyone can manifest virtually anything if they believe.


6. Can I have a one on one coaching session to fully understand the Law of Attraction?


Yes!  Please contact me to set up a session.


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