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30 minutes coffee and coach, virtually... grab a coffee and some insight on how to achieve more through the Universal laws.   

 One on One Personal  Coaching

(1 hr Sessions)


Your own personal one on one sessions with Life and Job Coach Kenn Dixon will open your mind to change the way you think and provide guidance about the things you want and how to manifest them.

Whether it is Health, Wealth, Love or Happiness, Kenn can help you get on track to reach your goals faster and enjoy doing it.  

Personal coaching will allow you to focus on the tools to identify your desire, give it the energy it deserves and, most importantly, how to allow it to happen.

Kenn will guide you according to your own personal circumstances. Learn how to clearly define what the law of attraction is; how it is already affecting you; and what you can do to deliberately attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t.  

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     6 X 1 hr Transition coaching       12 X 1 hr Transformation coaching